Police file charges against Grant

Basseterre, Tuesday, 8th March, 2022, (MyVue News.com)-After a call on Saturday, 5th March, 2022, by Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant, to either charge him or exonerate him, police in St. Kitts, on Tuesday, 8th March, took action to formally charge him, over an incident said to have taken place in January, 2022.

In his media statement on Saturday, Grant said it has been about two months, that he had been waiting for the authorities to take action, and that he had had enough of the long wait and wanted them to make their move.

The matter is related to an incident that took place at a local bar called “Last Lap”, where police alleged, a few weeks ago, that Grant committed acts of Battery, Assault, and Obstruction. However, the actual summons, (which is posted below), appears to be quite different from what was originally been alledged.

However, Grant denied the claims and promised that once he gets his time in court, he and his witnesses would be ready to clear his name.

Now that charges have been made against Grant, the party he once led and now serves as a Deputy Political Leader-the People’s Action Movement, (PAM), issued a press release on Tuesday afternoon, making it clear that they stand in support of their senior member.

As a matter of public interest, MyVue News.com, now publishes, without further comment, the full text of that release from PAM:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Sisters and brothers

Federation Patriots

We have learnt that the local police have moved in to charge our colleague and MP Lindsay Grant for alleged conduct during a much-publicized incident a few weeks ago.

Hon Grant has retained counsel, and his lawyers have expressed confidence in successfully defending the matter.

They have described the charges as baseless.

Indeed, we are aware of a political sub text to the entire issue, and there have been naked attempts by some to seek to score political points.

That is why in many ways, we are glad that the charges have been brought – and we call for a speedy trial so that the real story will be told and some of the real intent exposed through the legal system, which we have extreme confidence in.

We support the police in doing their work, but we think that it has been unfortunate that professional officers have been put under so much pressure to escalate the situation, in what is an apparent attempt to embarrass the Member of Parliament, and to undermine people’s faith in members of Team Unity.

Our members stand solidly in solidarity with Hon Grant, who under the construct of our system is innocent until, and unless, proven otherwise.

Our position is that there must be a speedy trial so that the whisper campaign can end. There is a correct saying that justice delayed is justice denied.

Any undue delay in the matter will indeed be injurious to the rights of the Hon Member.

The People’s Action Movement stands for truth and clarity. Indeed, we are determined to provide Hon Grant with all the legal assistance he may need in the matter.

We call on all concerned to exercise discipline and restraint, and show respect to our legal processes.

The release (above) was signed by the current party leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Shawn Richards.

We also publish, in the interest of public knowledge, a copy of the Summons issued to Grant today.

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