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Police Forced to Work in Darkness following Traffic Accident

Traffic police offices and the EMS services were forced to work in darkness, during the accident that occurred on Sunday (19th February) on the Kim Collins Highway, which resulted in the first road fatality for 2012.

Now the darkness of the road is coming under greater public scrutiny.

With the individuals stuck inside the destroyed vehicles, the Police officers and EMS relied on the lights from other vehicles on the scene to illuminate the area to carry out their rescue operation.

This of course is because the highway, named in honour of sprint star and former World Champion, Kim Collins, is not equipped with lights.

This situation has sparked a discussion amongst citizens who are concerned that for many years, cries have been made for the stretch of road to be illuminated, but are ignored.

Another observation that was made was that the recently built FT Williams Highway has already been outfitted with lights, while users of the Kim Collins Highway continue to drive in darkness.

Though he did not directly state that the lack of lights contributed to the accident, Head of the Traffic Department, Inspector Cromwell Henry, did indicate that the darkness of the road should have been a key factor considered by the drivers, as part of the existing road conditions. Given those conditions therefore, Henry intimated that the drivers should have adapted to the poor visibility in their efforts to navigate their passage on the highway.

The Accident on Sunday resulted in the death of two year old Janiah Johnson.

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