Police Identify Murder Victim

No clear picture has emerged that would speak to the motive of the murder and what some residents on the island are wondering, is if the violence and killing are being moved from one place of the island to another, as police put a tight hold on such activity in other known parts.

The police have now confirmed that the victim was 30 year old Jermaine Dore, originally of Upper Cayon, but who resided at Hermitage, Cayon.

Police say that they understand that Dore was shot and killed sometime after 9:00pm, on Saturday night, as the people of Cayon celebrated a down-graded version of their annual community festival, Green Valley.

Initial investigation revealed that the deceased was among a number of persons playing dominoes at a shop in the Hermitage area when a lone armed masked man shot him. The District Medical Doctor visited the scene, examined Jermaine Dore and pronounced him dead, said a police statement.

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