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Police officers to be trained in anti-corruption techniques

The training will be carried out by three officers who themselves are recently back from overseas sessions from 15th July to 9th August, organised by the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) and held in Roswell, New Mexico in the United States of America.

They are now expected to share the knowledge and experiences gained from the Anti-Corruption Policy Forum and Academic Criminal Justice Seminar.

Topics to be covered include community policing, criminal justice concepts, integrity and ethics in the criminal justice system, public policy making, leadership application in the criminal justice system, criminal justice organization and administration personnel and others

The police officers involved included Sergeant Donna Henderson of the Delta Squad, Sergeant Carla Wallace of the Tabernacle Police Station and Sergeant James Francis of the Basseterre Police Station.

 “Community policing is the concept that the community is the police and police is the community,” she stated, noting that both parties work together to solve problems. “We can’t do it on our own as police officers and so it is necessary for [all] sections of the organization to learn about community policing and the impact it can have,” said Sergeant Henderson.

The Delta Squad leader added that she has already shared aspects of ethics in law enforcement during a lecture with colleagues and pledged to continue making similar contributions.

The four-week overseas workshop was attended by persons from other CARICOM member states which allowed the strengthening of relations and networking opportunities.

“We had a good amount of exchanges with reference to how we do things in the different territories and what are the best practices to adopt in our territory,” Sergeant Henderson stated. “A lot of (the programmes) are a work in progress. Some of them have done things that we want to do in St. Kitts and Nevis and certain programmes that we want to implement they have implemented; so we took that away.”



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