Police Place Temporary Ban on Explosive Fireworks


On Thursday October 21st, the St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force issued a release banning these Explosive Pyrotechnics, temporarily.

Speaking with miyvue.com, Police Public Relations Officer, Vaughn Henderson explained that the action taken to ban the “bombs” is part of the ongoing efforts in the fight against illegal firearms and other gun related crimes.

Henderson said the Police is appealing to all business places and the public to cooperate with the Security Forces in the interest of safety and security.

“Just recently there were several shooting incidents, but members of the public were not aware because of the sound effects of these “bombs” that have been used on a daily basis by both adults and children,” the Police PRO stated.

According to inspector Henderson, the Security Forces will be vigilant in the enforcement of this ban on all explosive fireworks.

As to when this ban will be lifted, Henderson explained that will be decided by the Chief of the Police Force.

Last year the Police implemented the same ban as part of efforts to fight against illegal firearms and other gun related crimes.

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