Police probe possible in UN Bribery scandal

During a televised address to the nation on Sunday Browne stated: “Should the law enforcement agencies, in their own independent — and I emphasise this — in their own independent determination, make a decision to take some form of action, that is their prerogative.

“I make it clear now, that should they do so, it will be no political witch hunt by my government or the political party that I lead,” he added.

Browne also referred to an observation flagged in the 37-page complaint filed by a US FBI Special Agent, which accused former Antigua & Barbuda Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dr John Ashe (of tax evasion) and five other defendents of conspiring to bribe and paying bribes to Ashe.

The document also implicated former prime minister Baldwin Spencer of having received almost $300,000 of the $1.3 million in bribes that Ashe allegedly received.

According to Browne the official said, “I know that bribery of a public official is illegal in Antigua under the Prevention of Corruption Act which was enacted by the Antiguan Parliament.”

The Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) leader said the statement made it quite obvious that “the eyes of the international community are focused upon our  jurisdiction, to see what this country’s law enforcement agencies do, in relation to this matter.”

“My government will cooperate with the international community in its investigation in this matter, Browne said.

Spencer admitted to receiving the money, which he said was used for election campaign financing.


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