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Police Prosecutors Now under Control of DPP’s Office

Mrs. Hendrickson noted at a recent conference that most of the prosecution in the Magistrates’ Court was conducted by the police.

She said this included all summary matters and most preliminary inquiries in indictable matters.

Mrs. Hendrickson explained that the police prosecutors operated a separate prosecution unit within the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force. As a result the Director of Public Prosecutions could not effectively supervise the work of the police prosecutors and give them the required direction, guidance and assistance in the prosecution of cases.

She said that after some discussion with the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police a decision was made to establish a National Prosecution Service where all those who prosecute and all prosecutors are under the control of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The DPP said that the aim of the National Prosecution Service is to expand, strengthen, enhance and consolidate the prosecution resources in the Federation.

DPP, Hendrickson’s comments were made in relation to the recently launched National Prosecution Office that would now bring prosecutors in the Police Force under the direction of the Director of the Public Prosecutions (DPP).



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