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Police Report Shooting of “Hotness”

The incident is believed to have taken place during the early hours of Friday 20th January, 2012 and according to police reports, shot was who is better known in the community as “Hotness”.

Police are describing Walters’s condition as critical but stable. He is said to have been shot in both the head and chest.hothess

Early reports are stating that he was shot somewhere on Park Street, close to the National Housing Authority, where he was found on the ground, still alive but unable to move. The ambulance and police were eventually called with Walters being rushed to hospital for emergency operation and though some progress has been made, medical sources are being cautious and watchful about his overall and full time recovery.

Hotness is from West Street, Newtown and is approximately 16 years old and is a well known feature in Basseterre.

It was only late last year that rumours were abound in the island that Hotness had been shot and killed but this of course turned out not to be true. However this time, it is a certainty.

This is said to be the second major shooting incident for the year 2012 with the first one occurring on the 7th January when Desroy James was shot near his home in Cayon and later succumbed to his injuries.

Police are continuing their investigations into the latest matter.parkstreet

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