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Police Seeking to Bridge Gap with Community

According to the Sub-Divisional Commander of District B of the St. Kitts & Nevis Police Force, Inspector Vaughan Henderson, a special Town Hall meeting has been scheduled to take place at the Edgar T. Morris Primary School (in Tabernacle), on Thursday 19th January 2012, at 6:30pm. 

He said the event is mainly being hosted by the Police in Tabernacle and residents in Lodge Village to Bellevue via Molineaux are being encouraged to make use of the opportunity to dialogue with the officers, sharing any concern that they may have about matters pertaining to their safety and security. 

Henderson said the Town Hall meeting is being held under the theme, “Bridging the gap between Police and Community: Restoring Public Trust and Confidence in the Police”. 

Inspector Henderson, as the Sub-Divisional Commander will make a feature presentation surrounding the importance of good police – community relations, the impact of the fear of crime, crime prevention tips and the role of police to protect and to serve.


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