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Police Seize Ganja Arrest Made

This has come as a result of a successful raid on one Trafalgar residence that has resulted in the arrest of a woman and charges being brought against the owner of the home, Mr. Shefton Blake.

A police spokesman said today that, on Monday 19th March, 2012, a search was conducted on the premises of Shefton Blake of Trafalgar Village, during which, one Veronica Thomas was present on the property, and was also subject to the conditions of the search warrant.

The Police explained that during the search, a total of 135 marijuana plants were found, uprooted and seized.   A small quantity of cured cannabis was also found on the Property.  As a result of this find, formal charges were preferred to Shefton Blake for the    drug offences of possession, possession with intent to supply, and cultivation of controlled drugs.

Investigations surrounding this discovery are ongoing, but the Commissioner of Police, CG Walwyn used the incident to remind the general public that his law enforcement agency is fully exercising its zero tolerance policy to crime and violence, with a view to ensure the peace and safety within our Federation.


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