Police Update

As  a crime watch service, we publish the following update: Paul Irish of Conaree was formally charged for Larceny and Receiving committed 2nd August 2012.


Kenrick Thomas of West Bourne Ghaut was formally charged for Unlawful Possession committed on 2nd Aug 2012.


Damian Smith was formally charged with of offence of Forgery committed on 21st May 2012.


Omari Williams of Lower Monkey Hill was formally charged for Housebreaking and Larceny committed on 27th July 2012.


Travis Francis of Old Road was formally charged for Driving without Insurance and Driving Unlicensed vehicle committed on 24th July 2012.


A juvenile formally charged for Possession of Cannabis committed on 3rd Aug 2012.




Bassettere Magistrate Court


A juvenile was convicted for Possession of Cannabis and Possession with intent to supply committed on 12th April 2012 and was placed on probation for 6 months with one surety. He is to keep peace and be of good behaviour.  He was given a curfew and ordered to find gainful employment.



1. Sylvester Harris of Conaree Village was charged for Building Breaking With Intent, which was committed at the General Post Office, Bay Road Basseterre between 26th and 27th July 2012.  



2. Chester Hodge Williams an adult of Basseterre was charged Forgery of St. Kitts/Nevis Passport, which was committed on 21/5/12




At Charlestown Magistrates’ Court



Javier Sutton of Craddock Road was convicted for:


1. Battery on Police, and fined $2000.00 to be paid by Wednesday 8th August 2012, or in default one month in prison


2. Obstruction, and $1000.00 to be paid by Wednesday 8th August 2012, or in default one month in prison. Offences took place at Marion Heights on 1/8/12.





Gingerland Police Station is investigating a report in which Motor Jeep P2242 was reported missing. The vehicle is black and it is a left hand drive.


Initial investigation revealed that the vehicle was in the drive way of Elroy Browne of Rawlins, Gingerland, and was discovered missing about 1415 hrs on 4/8/12.


Anyone who knows the whereabouts of this vehicle is asked to contact the Gingerland Police Station at 469-3448, or the nearest police station.




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