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Police warning residents against receiving stolen goods

Authorities have revealed that in recent times many victims have had their electronic devices and jewellery stolen, and in many cases never to see them again. They added however that at times due to the diligence and concern of civic minded citizens some of these perpetrators have been arrested and charged, and are now in Her Majesty’s Prison.

They indicated that “Larceny in all its categories has posed a very serious problem in communities within the Federation and many parts of the world.” During such criminal activities, portable items of high value are most likely the items of choice to be stolen; such as jewelry, and electronic items which will include cell phones, I-pads, television sets, Stereo sets, and money, clothing, and other valuable items.

These items are normally stolen for personal use and for sale in order to dispose them and at the same time acquire a monetary reward. In many instances thieves steal to raise money to support their abuse of substances and their criminal enterprise, purchase illegal firearms, etc. They also use the money to support their gambling addiction and prostitution, stated the police.

In order for a successful thief to get money, he or she must complete two main goals, said the police. The first is to steal something that can be sold or traded, such as tools, hardware, electronics, jewellery, clothes, toys, furniture, building materials, foods or transportation, and the second is to sell or trade them usually to a person or corrupt business persons. The police said a thief’s main aim is to acquire something else with the money gained from selling the stolen goods, often drugs, alcohol or weapons.

The police said that currently in the Federation they have seen a number of gun related crimes committed as a result of the various categories of Larceny. This phenomenon is not isolated to the Federation, it happens world over. A police official quoted the biblical verse that said, a thief not only comes to steal, but to kill and to destroy. Therefore, perpetrators who commit crimes of theft may also commit gun related crimes and murders, highlighted the police.

The police stated that the thieves are able to make profits from the sale of stolen property because they are able to sell them at very low prices. They cautioned that thieves sometimes try to disguise the stolen nature of the goods when possible, so that they can sell them closer to the market price. Depending on the stolen item, thieves may attempt to remove, deface, or replace serial numbers on the stolen item before selling it.

In some cases thieves will transport the stolen items to a different community or country to sell them, because this lessens the likelihood that the items will be recognised or identified. For some types of stolen goods, thieves disassemble the good and sell the individual parts, because the sale of parts is less risky. For example, a stolen car or bike may be disassembled so that the parts can be sold individually. Some thieves steal gold and sell it to jewellery stores as scrap gold for money. Another tactic used by some thieves is to retain stolen items for some time before selling them, which lessens the likelihood that the victims or police will be able to track their criminal and illegal activities.

Police are warning however that an individual who knowingly receives, purchase, or conceal stolen property commits an offence. The handling or receiving stolen goods is not a victimless crime, and individuals or businesses that trade in these items can have a long-term effect on our communities, added the police.

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