Policeman gets 23 years Jailtime

Thomas told the court yesterday that he takes the matter seriously, because the court needed to see he was not involved in the attempted robbery at his work place at Paradise Casino, on July 22, 2014.

“I feel so strongly about this case that even if the sentence is one day, I would appeal. That is how strongly I feel,” Thomas said from the prisoners’ box, before he was sentenced.

Even before the judge took his seat, the disgraced officer’s mother started to sob, as supporters tried to calm her. She questioned, “Wha y’all expect from me.” The distraught mother had to be ushered from the courtroom, as she wiped away tears.

Sporting an unkempt beard, long nails and disheveled hair, Thomas slouched in his seat and slumped forward when Justice Albert Redhead gave his verdict.

Thomas told the court he has no remorse for the crime; as indicated by the probation officer who conducted a social report, because he felt that by doing so he was admitting he was the man who walked into his other place of work, gun drawn, and demanded money.

Justice Redhead chided the officer, a 20-year veteran, for attempting to rob the casino employees of more than $39,000 using a police issued firearm, and vehicle, while employed as a security guard at Paradise Casino.

An emotionless and unapologetic Police Corporal Thomas stood casually in the prisoners’ box, yesterday, giving an unsworn statement in his defense.

But when he tried to cast doubt on Justice Redhead’s credibility, calling him bias and saying the Justice did not mention a witness in his summary, the judge took issue with that.

“In my 30 plus years, this is the first time a convicted person has made accusations that I was biased. He said he expected the prosecution not to bring it up because it would complicate their case, but he didn’t expect that from me,” Justice Redhead said.

“He has refused to take responsibility for his action, he blamed the prosecution, he blames me…he tries to blame everyone else,” the judge said.

“You continue to deny you were involved. There is no doubt in my mind that the verdict of guilty was not wrong. Your colleague that trained with you recognized your voice. The key evidence is the accused on the camera; the shirt, belt and pants, any sensible person would have come to that conclusion.”

In the social report, members of the constabulary assessed the 39-year- old father of one as an efficient, competent and reliable colleagues, but in the same breath the 20-year veteran was also said to be a sneaky, fraudulent, an impulsive gambler, and police received information that he was suspect in illegal activities.


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