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Politicians Tomorrow, Friends Today…

The annual festival is also a time wh numbers to meet and greet their constituents and visitors; with the intention of keeping their profile on the minds of voters. And when it comes to an election cycle, their presence at carnival and j’ouvert in particular  is even more obvious.

LG-on-jouvertThis was the case on Wednesday, (j’ouvert), when ministers of government, including Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas, Minister of Carnival Marcella Liburd and their counterparts on the opposition side, including Leader of PAM, Shawn Richards, hopeful PAM candidate for Central Basseterre, Jonell Powell and former PAM Leader Lindsay Grant…were all using the grand occasion to “meet and greet”. And why not? there were thousands of potential voters and supporters amongst the huge crowd of j’ouvert revelers.

Even Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor and his colleague Senior Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, found time on j’ouvert to congregate in the heart of the city, The Circus, to celebrate with nationals on this important carnival day of street jamming, when the masses were out in their numbers.


Shawn-Min-Ghost-and-Deputy-JonellPerhaps a lesson that was learnt by some onlookers, spoke to the fact that though on opposite sides, there are times, such as carnival, when politicians from different parties can get together for a drink and socialize; as was the case this j’ouvert when Minister of Youth & Sport, Glenn Phillip, along with Shawn Richards and Jonell Powell, spent a little time together on Fort Street, as they enjoyed the j’ouvert activities.

This is the type of relationship that is expected by citizens who are too tired of the bickering that is so well known between local politicians. But with a major election expected very early in 2013, and given the current divide within the country, perhaps it is a good sign when our political leaders could demonstrate that they are respectful of each other and though at odds, based on the policies they support, there is still hope that unity is possible.

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