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Politicians urge Nevisians not to jump to conclusions regarding Treasury fire

Former Premier and leader of the opposition Nevis Reformation Party, (NRP), Joseph Parry, issued a statement on Friday afternoon asking Nevisians to restrain themselves from the temptation of jumping to conclusions, finger pointing and the spreading of rumours. 

Parry, who until January, 2013, served as the island’s Minister of Finance, told islanders that they must now allow the Fire and Rescue Services to complete their investigations in determining the cause of this fire. “We commend the Fire and Rescue Services for their courageous work in containing the fire. Their actions went a long way towards saving historic Charlestown. We must now allow the Fire and Rescue Services to complete their investigations in determining the cause of this fire,” stated Parry. 

As that investigation continues, the current Premier, Vance Amory has so far commended the authorities for the outstanding work they did in trying to contain the fire and preventing it from spreading to cause further harm.

Both Amory and his political rival Parry have also asked all Nevisians and residents on Nevis to remain calm and exercise patience with the offices that have been handicapped by the fire. In addition to the Treasury Department, these include the Philatelic Bureau, VAT Office and the Inland Revenue Department.

However, there still is no word on the possible cause of the fire but local officials are hoping to have most of their services restored as soon as suitable accommodations are available from which operations could be resumed. Head of the Treasury Colin Dore summed up the determination of the people when he said, “We are damaged but not destroyed.” He said though they may have lost a lot of the paper documents they managed to save most of the electronic files.


Saying that the Nevisian people are resilient, Parry reminded fellow Nevisians that they once overcame the fire at the Ministry of Communications and the fire at the Charlestown Police Station, so this too will be overcome. 

Also commenting on the incident was the leader of the St. Kitts based People’s Labour Party, Dr. Timothy Harris, who in a statement said, “We want the leadership and the people of Nevis to know, that we stand with them during this most difficult time. We know that a fire can certainly burn down a building but it can never burn down the hopes and dreams of a people.”

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