Polls point to Chavez election victory

Journalist and former vice-president Jose Vicente Rangel told Venezuelan television that the voting intentions for Chavez reached 54.8 percent in May, while opposition candidate Henrique Carpriles only got 26.3 percent, according to a poll by the Venezuela’s Data Analysis Institute (Ivad), PL news agency reported.

The analyst explained that the people’s trust in the head of state was as high as 64.5 percent and their approval evaluation reached 75.7 percent.

“These figures reveal that Chavez has 28.5 percent advantage over Carpriles,” said Rangel.

Chavez’s position is being consolidated, while the opposition is heading to a resounding defeat, said the journalist, who noted that a major problem facing the Venezuelan opposition is its disregard of the fact that the people have changed, and now hold values quite different from those maintained in right-wing circles.

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