Poponne-Skerrit reiterates plans for enhancement of Roseau

By Dominica News Online,

On Monday gone, Poponne-Skerrit presented a Development Plan for Roseau, in which she restated her intent to carry out promises made during her campaign.

Job creation, relieving congestion, upgrading infrastructure and making Roseau more accessible and inclusive are some of the key areas of focus for the newly elected Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central, Melissa Poponne-Skerrit.

“Creating green spaces like the newly reopened Peeble’s Park represents a fundamental component of any urban ecosystem” and this space, according to her, promotes physical activity, social interaction and recreation that will enhance the health and well-being of people living and working in Roseau.

She said there are also plans to restore and upgrade the Botanic Gardens to include a children’s playground and create an exercising track for adults.

To ease the congestion in Roseau Poponne-Skerrit said there will also be government incentives for the Private Sector to build car parks.

“Designated bus stops have been assigned and there are plans for a Botanic Gardens bypass road to relieve traffic in Roseau,” she explained.

In addition, she indicated that widening High Street will compliment both the bypass and the construction of a new government building.

“Improve sidewalks and the rehabilitation of roads have already begun under the Roseau Enhancement Project with the focus on the environment by utilizing standards and designs that are climate resilient,” she stated.

She said there are also plans to refurbish the market so that it is more aesthetically pleasing for consumers and also to improve on food safety.

There are also plans to implement free accessible WiFi in Roseau which Poponne-Skerrit believes will help to ensure that citizens and tourists are connected to use the media to document their experiences in Roseau. “Which we all hope will be a positive one,” she added.

Meantime, Poponne- Skerrit said the Arawak House of Culture which received damage following Hurricane Maria a few years ago will be upgraded.

“The Arawak Cultural Centre is an iconic venue in the heart of Roseau, by upgrading this venue it will create an insurgent of nightlife with production such as music, performances and live theatre,” she said.

There are plans to restore and upgrade historic buildings such as the Newtown Community Hall, the City Council Block, the Baracoon Building as well as the Roseau Health Centre and the Public Library.

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