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Port Authority: airport lighting upgrades under way

LIAT flights 369 and 512 were affected Wednesday night, as they had to be diverted to alternate airport(s).

The Port Authority in a release dated 18th July outlined that the reason for the runway lighting outage was due to an EC$2 million dollar upgrade of the 25-year old runway lighting and cable system to a “more durable and robust” system.

The SCASPA release expressed regret at the inconvenience to all affected; reassuring the public that everything that was being done was in the interest of public safety. The Bradshaw lighting system upgrade, the release said, is one of “several integral capital projects being undertaken by SCASPA to improve its customer service efficiency and standards.”

At present LIAT is receiving day-to-day reports and notifications from the Port Authority as to the flight –ready status of the runway. Customers can call LIAT  at the  airport for flight status information.

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