Pre-Schoolers Set to “kick off” Learning Experience with donation from National Football Association

The young, bright eyed learners were eagerly anticipating their departure from the handing over ceremony when they would be able to play with what they consider to be toys but which, according to the Association, represents an early opportunity to develop future football  greats.

President of the Organization, Mr. Lenny Lake, explained that the Association through its grass roots programme seeks to give children twelve years and under a head start in the game of football. He indicated that last year they had donated football gear to all the primary schools in the Federation and decided that it would be useful to give exposure to football at an even earlier age by giving them to two to five year olds.

Mr. Lake said his association’s philosophy is simple: ‘Football should be played by everyone, for everyone, everywhere!’ He also stated that playing the game has its benefits including good health, development of team work as well as hard work, attributes which should be developed early in life.

Supervisor at the Victoria Road Pre School Ms. Canecia Warner expressed gratitude to the Grassroots Football Association emphasizing that the goal of physical development in pre-schoolers would be assisted by the use of the gear. She was complimentary of the Association’s foresight in introducing such an initiative.

The package includes footballs and jerseys as well as protective gear.


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