Premier disappointed with Charlestown vendors

MyVueNews Staff-writer

Premier Mark Brantley

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 29th January, 2018 ( – Premier Mark Brantley is not happy about retail operations in Charlestown, and took to Facebook to express his concern.

With the visit of two cruise ships to Nevis on Sunday, Premier Brantley was disappointed in the response of merchants and vendors in the island’s capital.

Brantley wrote: “Nevis this year is experiencing a boom in tourist arrivals. Today (28th January), Sunday, we have 2 ships in the Charlestown harbour. Tourists are strolling around Charlestown in large numbers, but guess what? NOT ONE store opened. Charlestown is closed tight like Hurricane coming.”

Brantley said that meetings have been held with vendors and the Ministry of Tourism, but there is no change.

“The Ministry of Tourism has met with vendors. We have copied and shared the cruise schedule. We have begged and beseeched vendors to open for business and to ensure that they put themselves in a position to benefit from the tourism industry. And yet, today, visitors have come to meet a ghost town in Nevis,” Brantley lamented.

He said also, “Artisan Village closed tight. Hamilton Museum closed tight.

Various other attractions closed tight. These visitors can’t even buy a bottle of water. I need your advice. Is it that our people don’t want, or don’t need the business?”

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