Premier Division Finals begin this Evening

Four times Champions Newtown will be seeking their fifth title this season, which started with a five game suspension for most of their senior players. 
Anthony “Nets’ Isaac Coach of Newtown earlier this month stated that they are ready to retain the title and that their initial goal was to make it to the finals and they have now accomplished that; so it is on to the ultimate mission… the championship cup. 
Conaree on the other hand are in the finals for the first time and are hungry for their first ever Premier Division title. 
The Conaree team however has made some remarkable strides along the way with an improving record every year. 
The game is expected to be one of high standards and with top quality performances by both teams. 
The second game is scheduled for Saturday 16th June, while the third and final game if necessary, is set for Wednesday 20th June at the same venue. 
Both teams are promising fireworks of play on field.

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