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Premier Parry Highlights Positive 2011

Premier Parry began, “Firstly, we were spared by the hand of God from any visitation of hurricanes, storms or any other form of disaster.  Rather we were blessed by one of the better rainy seasons for the better part of the year that left Nevis so lush and naturally beautiful.”

He continued, “At the end of the year, Four Seasons Hotel was absolutely full and over 100 temporary workers were able to obtain part-time work; in addition to their regular occupations.”

He said while many persons in other lands were struggling for a job and recession reached its destructive fingers throughout the streets of Europe and further afield, we in Nevis could and did give God thanks for his many mercies. 2011 saw the expansion of Brown Hill Communications and over 200 persons are now employed.

I am informed that another 150 persons will be recruited in the New Year.  I only hope that we as Nevisians will give serious consideration to the state of the world economy at this time and will submerge the little prejudices some harbor, that they dislike working in the company of so many females and embrace the opportunities that become available, stated Parry.

Parry continued, “Construction started very strong in 2011.  The Government’s $10 million stimulus package created over 100 jobs and resulted in the George Mowbry Hanley Public Market in Charlestown.  It is a magnificent piece of work and it provides a superior service for the whole island.  Community Centers have been completed in Jessup’s, Cotton Ground, Fountain and Combermere.”

Lap-top computers were distributed to the 6th, 5th and 4th Forms in all high schools.  This initiative will have and has had effects immeasurable and more far-reaching than we now imagine, stated the Premier.

Parry also revealed that, over the next 6 months, a range of programs will be introduced for the educational, professional, cultural and recreational benefit of the communities.

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