Preparation Commences for Financial Information Month

In the first planning meeting held earlier this week, participants from various financial institutions proposed initiatives for FIM 2012, focused on entrepreneurship and best business practices and were asked to identify their expectations of FIM 2012, consistent with the agenda of the institutions they represented, to ensure that all participating institutions are directly involved in shaping the FIM programme.
Some of the suggestions made, spoke to loan delinquencies, budgeting and savings, loan consolidation and cash flow management, good record keeping and understanding and usage of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange
The importance of simplifying the financial and business technical jargon and adopting more creative and exciting approaches were highlighted. 
The discussion also considered various themes that would be consistent with the focus on entrepreneurship and best business practices.  The following were tabled for consideration: 
1.    Your Business Is My Business
2.    Getting Into Your Business
3.    It’s  A Business Thing
4.    Be Creative with Your Finances and Your Business
5.    Me and My Business
6.    Business Success – There is an App for That!
7.    Financial Business is Everybody’s Business
8.    My Own Business, My Country’s Success
9.    Shaping Your Future, If Given the Resources
10. That’s Your Business /It’s Your Business 
11. Open for Business  –
12. Minding My Business/ Mining My Business 
All of the proposed themes submitted for FIM 2012 from across the Currency Union will be collated and re-circulated for voting in order to arrive at the selected theme for FIM 2012.
The Month of October is celebrated as Financial Information Month in St. Kitts and Nevis.

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