Presentation to Irish Town Primary School 2020

By Wilson R. Paulius,

Madame Principal, teachers and students of the Irish Town Primary, well wishers and friends, a pleasant day to you. This morning the Concerned Citizens for a Better McKnight is once again here to our annual presentation of school supplies, this time to the Grade 1 of your school. This is our tenth consecutive year of presentations having started in the year 2011 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Garden Hotspurs Football club. Being that this year marks our tenth presentation, the overseas based members, namely, Seymour “Tally” Davis, Lloyd Hendricks and Hildred Rawlins, would have loved to be here to celebrate with us, but due to the pandemic, they are not able to travel, hence their noted absence.

The members who are on island are Bernard “BT” Rawlins, Kenrick Martin, Cheralyn Adolphin, Sylvia Pemberton-Richards, Tracy Newton-Herbert and yours truly, Wilson Paulius.

Today’s presentation consists of 30 backpacks, each containing the following items:

2 exercise books, 3 pencils, 2 sharpeners, 1 pencil case, 3 glue sticks, 1 pair of scissors,  1 large eraser , 4 pencil top erasers, 1 box crayons,  1 ruler

In addition to the above mentioned items, we are also presenting to the school:

Two (2) 32 oz. bottles of hand sanitizers, 58 cans of play dough, 24 black ink pens, 24 red ink pens

The Concerned Citizens for a Better McKnight feels that this small contribution will greatly assist the parents with their children’s school expenses as well as easing in the running of the school.

This year’s presentation will be done by Mr. Seymour Williams. Mr. Williams was born and raised in McKnight. He was born very close to our Public Market and grew up in Salt Pond Alley. He attended the Irish Town Primary School, the Basseterre Junior High School (Burdon Street) and the Basseterre Senior High School (now the Basseterre High School).

He is the manager and owner of Island Auto Supplies at Bird Rock. He was also a member of the Black Burns Football Club, one of the many football clubs emerging out of the McKnight area.

Before I leave, I would like, on behalf of the Group, to thank the following persons and entities for their continued and valued assistance in making this project possible:

  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Ministry of Finance for waving the duties
  • Mr. Cuthbert Woods of Woodsrite Enterprises for handling and brokerage
  • Former residents of McKnight residing overseas and at home
  • Former pupils of the Irish Town Primary School

In closing, I would like to encourage you the students to continue to work hard in school and to do your best always. Remember, knowledge is power and follow your motto: STRIVE for EXCELLENCE.

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