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President calls for togetherness among Guyanese, regardless of religious beliefs

President Donald Ramotar, addressing the gathering, spoke of the importance of the Muslim festival, which is celebrated worldwide, to honour the faithfulness of the Prophet Ibrahim, or Abraham.

Speaking on collaboration and equality, President Ramotar urged that Guyanese, regardless of their religious views and beliefs, adopt the spirit of togetherness, as efforts intensify to build a better Guyana.

“We, as Guyanese, must strive hard to obtain togetherness, regardless of what our religious beliefs might be…as such, we must work hard to achieve a common goal for the benefit of all,” he said.

The Head of State pointed to equality in services provided to all Guyanese. However, this luxury was not always accessible, as division was there, but was eradicated when the government took office in 1992.gathering103012

According to the Head of State, the PPP/C Government, since 1992, fought diligently to ensure equality among its people.

“The PPP fought for equality in religion in Guyana….we fought against injustice and this fight is evident as of today… has become a tradition of our government,” he said.

The President urged the Muslim community to reflect on national unity and social harmony, as the auspicious occasion is observed.

“It is important to note the turmoil which is ongoing in various parts of the world, and our government appeals for worldwide peace and mutual respect among peoples and nations,” the President said.

observance103012Meanwhile, Housing and Water Minister, Irfaan Ali, gave the assurance that regardless of ethnicity or religious background, the PPP/C Government will continue to work with all Guyanese to better their livelihoods.

Minister Ali also spoke of the contributions made by Muslims locally and internationally, to better advance Guyana’s economy.

During the event, Qaseedas (praises) were sung as Imams encouraged the gathering to recognize the value of religion and the importance of Islam.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds was also in attendance at the event.

Eid-al-Adha, also called the festival of sacrifice, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide. During the observance, Muslims reflect on the sacrifice made by Abraham to God.

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