Prime Minister Accused of Blocking his Deputy from Making Address on National Radio & Television


Deputy Prime Minister Condor was scheduled to make a nationwide address on the government owned ZIZ Radio & Television station, at 9:00pm, on Sunday 4th September, 2011. However, though the speech was being advertised by the station for most of the evening, minutes before Mr. Condor was to appear, a decision was taken to block the broadcast.

The announcer on the radio department of the station, indicated to listeners who were already gearing up for the speech, that “the address that was scheduled to be aired at 9:00pm by the Deputy Prime Minister, will not be broadcast as previously advertised.”

No further explanation was provided.

However, no similar announcement was made on the television side of the station. While viewers were tuned in for the 9:00pm start of Mr. Condor’s remarks, there was a sudden departure from what was advertised. Instead of the Deputy Prime Minister appearing as expected, the programming changed, featuring instead a church broadcast.

According to some sources, the “plug was pulled” on Mr. Condor by those with the ultimate authority to determine who could and could not have access to the station. At approximately 8:50pm, just 10 minutes before the start, directives were issued, restricting the station from allowing Mr. Condor to make his address.

Mr. Condor, according to some reliable reports, had not yet arrived at the premises of ZIZ, which is located at Springfield, next to the official residence of the Governor General and the headquarters of the Defence Force.

Other sources, who are usually very reliable, have told that the “higher authorities” requested that Mr. Condor provide a written text of his address so that it could be reviewed and approved. In addition, Condor was told that it would be preferred if he recorded his speech, instead of doing a live broadcast, but to this the Deputy Prime Minister refused.

Though no one is certain about the nature of Condor’s address, many believe that he wanted to use the opportunity to “clear the air” on recent media reports and comments made in parliament by his boss, Prime Minister Douglas.

This is related, some sources say, to Thursday’s official address to the nation by Dr. Douglas, at which time he announced that Mr. Condor would no longer serve as Minister of National Security and that he, Douglas, had asked the Governor General, to revoke Condor’s responsibilities for the subjects of the Police and Defence Force.

The announcement by Douglas came only hours after Condor had officiated as Minister of National Security, at the Passing of the Baton, to signal the appointment of a new Police Commissioner. Many believed that Condor was surprised by Douglas’ address and his decision to sack him (Condor), as the National Security Minister.

A source has told that Condor was not aware that Douglas was in fact making that specific announcement about removing him from the National Security Ministry.

Douglas however, during the closing statements in the National Assembly on Friday, 2nd September, 2011, repeatedly and sometimes angrily, said that “the matter was discussed with every member of the Cabinet”. Beating his hand on the desk, Douglas again stated that every single one of the members of Cabinet was aware that a new construct was in the making, with respect to the Ministry of National Security. has been told however, that the Prime Minister and his Deputy did in fact have initial discussions about possible changes, but there was never a finalized and agreed position between the two senior Cabinet members; and that Condor definitely had no idea that Douglas was going to announce on radio and television that he was taking over control of the Defence Force and Police. The source also shared that Condor was not in favour of the full programme of proposed changes.

It is also reported, that Condor refused to attend the Friday meeting of the National Assembly, during which Douglas claimed that all his colleagues were aware. Douglas had taken much care however, not to specifically mention Condor by name, preferring instead to say, “All the members of Cabinet…”

This is the first time in the history of St. Kitts & Nevis that a sitting Deputy Prime Minister has been barred from making an address on the state owned radio and television.

Some observers are already expressing doubt that Condor would in fact serve as a member of the new “security construct” known as a Ministerial Committee, made up of Douglas, Ministers Marcella Liburd, Dr. Asim Martin, Attorney General Patrice Nisbett and Condor…with Douglas as Chairman.

There is much fear however that instead of working together, the relationship between Douglas and Condor would only deteriorate…and fast.

It was back in 2004 just after the General Elections that signs were emerging publicly that the former close allies and Labour stalwarts were not getting along anymore. Condor looked unhappy and very dissatisfied at the Swearing in Ceremony, held at Port Zante. He was said to be upset over various matters, including not only his new portfolios that Douglas assigned him, but also the manner in which it was done; with no prior consultation and agreement or opportunity for Condor to express a preference.

Condor himself was seen and heard in a television appearance that same year, indicating that though he was appointed Minister of Education that was not a Ministry of his liking.

Then of recent time, Condor had been known to launch strong objections to Douglas’ attempts to “interfere” in the operations of his ministry, (National Security), and his continued attempts to appoint persons to Condor’s Ministry, even over objections raised.

This is a sad situation, said one caller to news department. According to them, as the in-fighting continues, the crime wave will get worse and the only ones who would benefit are the criminals.

All this is truly sad explained the caller, especially at a time when the nation was starting to see some hope in the appointment of the new Commissioner of Police.





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