Prime Minister and Minister of Finance receive updates on the financial position of the country.

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 16, 2022: In meeting with the team affixed to the Ministry of Finance, the Honourable Prime Minister Dr. Harris received keen financial updates from the Accountant General Mr. Levi Bradshaw, the Financial Secretary Mrs. Hilary Hazel, Deputy Financial Secretary Mrs. Sylvia Manning-Gumbs, Comptroller of Inland Revenue Mr. Edward Gift, Acting Comptroller of Customs and Excise Department Mr. Jomo Butler, Senior Director Ms. Lavern Queeley, and Legal Advisor in the Ministry. 

Altruistically, Dr. Harris thanked the team for their unswerving and endless support which contributed to the financial backbone of our federation.  He unequivocally expressed his belief that the country remains financially strong because of the giftedness, diligence, and sacrificial service of the entire team.  In expressing his complete love and desire for the citizens of the nation, Dr. Harris inspired the team to always prioritize Country and the needs of the people as the engine for the work that is done.  In alignment with the salary increase promise that was made to the nation, the 10% increase and the regularization of STEP workers continue to receive significant appraisal from many. Tireless efforts have been made by the Ministry of Finance to ensure the realization of this promise and with much success, deliverance from what was to what will soon be imminent. 

Featured Image – Prime Minister Harris meets with team from The Ministry of Finance

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