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Prime Minister Douglas Congratulates Carnival Winners

Douglas stated in his message, “I am certain that the entire Nation joins with me in congratulating Shakki (our Groovy Soca Monarch), Kalia Huggins (the National Carnival Queen), Konris (the Calypso Monarch), Siobhan Phipps (our own Caribbean Talented Teen), Anastasia our Female Calypso Monarch, Rock-a-Fella (the King of the Tents) and all other winners in the National Carnival competitions.”

He continued, “I consider all who participated in the various competitions as winners because they all performed exceedingly well and each of the many individual performances has contributed significantly to the overall success of carnival to date.”

Dr. Douglas also stated that the fineness shown by all of the performers and competitors in the carnival events has truly made the federation proud, and provides a good example of the pedigree and the ability of the people of the nation to perform at levels comparable with people in any other nation of the world.

Douglas said, “It demonstrates our ability to compete effectively in international markets, notwithstanding our status as a small island nation state. In the midst of the perceptions and predictions of gloom and doom that seem to have taken hold of the minds of people throughout the entire global community, this reminder of our strength and capabilities as a nation is quite timely and appropriate.”

“Indeed, we have amply demonstrated our proclivity for peace and love during the Christmas Season and throughout our National Carnival celebrations. Our people have showered gifts and good wishes on each other; and they have participated fully and peacefully in the J’ouvert Jam and in each of the many successful and entertaining Carnival Shows,” he continued.

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