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Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves Released from Hospital

 He said that Gonsalves was released on Monday night.

Gonsalves, who fell ill last Wednesday as he prepared for official visits to Kuwait and Qatar, was forced to seek medical attention in Barbados, after his condition deteriorated.

“He is recuperating satisfactorily and was assessed by his doctors to be well enough to continue his recovery out of the hospital. He will however continue to rest and receive any necessary follow-up medical care and hopes to return home in St Vincent by the weekend,” Dr. Slater said.

“He again wishes to convey his sincerest gratitude to the many persons who have wished him well and have been praying for his speedy recovery,” the statement added.

Earlier, Slater said Gonsalves had been admitted to hospital after initial test in his hotel room “to make it more convenient to carry out the necessary investigations and also out of an abundance of caution to ensure that the best medical care was available with the least effort”.

The tests disclosed that there seemed to be “a focus of infection somewhere which was manifested as a persistent fever among other symptoms.

“It was subsequently discovered that there was a skin infection resulting in the formation of an abscess. The abscess has been drained and other necessary treatment initiated,” Slater added.

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