Prime Minister Harris encourages Citizenship By Investment workers to strive for excellence

Dr. Harris told employees that the Citizenship by Investment programme was critical to the quality of life of the people.  Being cognizant of this, “I urge you to strive for excellence, be sensitive and professional to those who seek your service.”

Dr. Harris has been spearheading efforts to reform, restructure and reposition the CBI programme, as a model of transparency and accountability that surpasses the expectations of the international community.  Dr. Harris said his government has been working well with the governments of Canada, USA and UK to ensure, “our practices are such that we minimize, if not eliminate, risks of unsavory actors participating in the programme”.

In response to a query, Dr. Harris said, “The mismanagement of the programme by the Douglas regime could not be undone overnight, and I urge agents and promoters of the programme to demonstrate patience and understanding.  We will never sacrifice my country, or its reputation, for the short run gains from the sale of citizenship. That is why our government is working to recalibrate the programme and put it on a long term sustainable footing.”


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