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Prime Minister Responds to Chamber of Commerce

Douglas objected to the release of the letter, to the media, saying before “granting me the courtesy of receiving the letter-which was ostensibly addressed to the Office of the Prime Minister. There are many throughout the Federation, who think, as I do, that that this is the type of action that one would expect from a group of emotionally charged activists, and not a business-focused organization committed to the promotion of a vibrant economy, even as it exercises its right to express its views on the socio-economic and political issues of the day,” stated the Prime Minister.

The Head of Government described the action as one that is far from being an isolated incident and an apparent disregard for respectable communications protocol and one that was very much in keeping with the Chamber’s well established penchant for rushing to share its “communications of concern” vis-à-vis, his government, officially, and in public, while its members were apologizing or commending him only, unofficially and in private.

The Prime Minister dismissed one of the claims stated in the CIC’s letter and stated in response that “I am not aware of any evidence to support your claim that the Motion of No Confidence, not yet having been voted on, by our National Assembly, ‘has already damaged the investment climate’ in the Federation.”

He challenged the Chamber to share with his office the empirical data on which their claim has been based.

The Prime Minister assured the Chamber that he and his cabinet are mindful to have the Motion of No Confidence considered.

However, on Tuesday, the Prime Minister indicated that that motion will only come after he has a chance to bring his budget to parliament.

He said that he hoped that the Chamber and the rest of the country had been aware that the Assembly was readying itself to debate the Senator’s Bill and the Budget, before the motion was filed by the opposition.

He tried to make the case that the debate and decision of the budget are of crucial importance to the functioning of the nation and its economy.


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