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Prince George Can Change His Name Once He Becomes King

And although this will stick with the royal for quite some time, it turns out that the heir to the throne can—and judging by some of his predecessors, most likely will—change his name once he becomes king.

As we’ve been reminded, historically monarchs do not always rule under their first given name, and King George VI and Queen Victoria are a couple of examples.

George VI was actually called Albert and known to his family as ”Bertie,” but once he took the throne, he decided to rule under his fourth middle name George in honor of his father George V. Meanwhile, Queen Victoria was actually named Alexandrina Victoria and as a child was nicknamed “Drina,” but ruled as Victoria which she reportedly preferred.

However, when Queen Elizabeth II was asked what she would be called as monarch, she supposedly replied with, ”My own name, of course—what else?”

Regardless, the offer will be on the table for the Prince of Cambridge, so what name could he choose as king?

Royal expert Christopher Warwick told The Telegraph that royals in the U.K. who decided to rule under a different name picked one of their middle names.

With that said, Prince George, whose full name is Prince George Alexander Louis, could decide to be King Alexander, King Louis or stick to being King George VII.

Luckily, he’s got some time to figure that out.

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