Princess K is Green Valley Karaoke Winner

At the end of an evening that was filled with great fun and entertaining it was the contestant, Princess K who emerged as the winner.
The show got underway at about 9:00 pm with a moment of silence in honour of the late reggae star, Masud Sadiki, followed with the contest, in front of a very lively, but fair sized crowd.
Twenty participants participated in the competition, in two rounds and though a third segment was originally planned, this had to be cancelled, due to the late start. hicksContestants were asked to perform songs in RnB, soul or a country and western selection, while in the second round they were required to perform and up tempo song from any genre of their choice.
Though the tunes performed varied across generations they were enjoyed by both young and old in attendance.
Second place in the competition went to King Man while 3rd place winner was Voices. The show was hosted by Ivanka James, Miss Green Valley 2010.
The Green Valley Festival will continue this evening, Thursday, with a Community Cohesion Experience.   

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