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Principal Admonishes Parents and Teachers to Look Beyond Prize Giving Ceremony

The call has come from the Principal of the Dieppe Bay Primary School, Jacqueline Douglas, who holds the view that “Prize Giving” should be looked at as a time or moment for teachers to reflect on their successes and losses based on their approach, their teaching styles, and the impact they had in their working environment.

For Principal Douglas, it is also a time for parents to think about the year in review. “Think about what you could have done differently to give more support to your children. Or rather think how well your unwavering support has benefited those of your children who would be awarded prizes….”

The Principal issued her challenge during the recent prize giving ceremony of her school, held at the Bethel Moravian Church to recognise students and teachers for their hard work during the academic year, 2011 to 2012.

During the ceremony, the Caines family of Dieppe Bay presented the school with a public address system and a mega phone for its advancement.

The new Dieppe Bay Primary School was officially opened on January 9, 1996 under the leadership of Ms. Carolyn Henry. The school serves the Parson’s and Dieppe Bay communities.

This year, awards were given in the following categories:


1stCecovah Hughes

2nd Kayla Benjamin

2nd Daron Thomas

3rdKadmiel Richards

Most Improved: Jaquang Jules

Most Helpful: Alicia Francis

Grade 1:

1st Jahzara Greene

2nd T’Koyah Leader

3rd Donell Francis

Most Improved: Reynaldo Matthew

Most Helpful: Tehuti Drew

Grade 2:

1stCianjay Thomas

2nd Michaiah Cranston

3rd Danielle Daley

Most Improved: Denesha Daniel

Most Helpful: Denesha Daniel

Grade 3:

1stVanjole’ Douglas

2nd Janella Belle

3rd Damecia Harvey

Most Improved: Siran Henderson

Most Helpful: She’quana Tyson

Grade 4:

1stKyea Phipps

2nd Yahzue Fough

3rd Xxiomara Henry

Most Improved: Tiandre Martin

Most Helpful: Jovanna Matthew & Jelonn Locker

Grade 5:

1stChauntia Thomas

2nd Netanya Greene

3rd Chelsi Jefferson

Most Improved: Mirico Cranston

Most Helpful: Omarri Piggott

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