Several private stakeholders offer help to fight Corona

Basseterre, St. Kitts, 23rd March, 2020 ( A call for more equipment to help manage the COVID-19 virus in St. Kitts and Nevis has been met with a positive response from various private sector companies.

This was recently confirmed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris.

The items promised by the companies, include two mechanical ventilators, a supply of N85 facemasks and a thermal scanner.

The scanner, which was donated by St. Kitts Marine Works, is to help in the screening of passengers arriving at the ports of entry.

That company has also offered government, two of its properties that can be used as quarantine facilities, if the need arises by Health officials.

In addition to the masks donated by S.L. Horsford’s and the ventilators by the RAMS’s Group of Companies, two of the major telecommunications service providers have also extended a helping hand.

Harris revealed that both FLOW has partnered with government to establish a national Hotline number (311), “…where information and other useful messages can be shared with callers,” said a government release.

In addition, Digicel and FLOW have also agreed to facilitate “online learning for local students if schools close due to an outbreak of the pandemic.”

Many companies have also instituted internal measures to protect their staff and customers.

These include increased sanitary practices such as disinfecting door handles, railings, counters and machines used frequently by customers.

At several businesses, staff members are posted at entrances to offer hand sanitizers for persons entering the respective facility while others have issued temporary guidelines to limit the number of clients allowed inside the institution at the same time.

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