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Privy Council reinstates Injunction

In effect, the injunction that Justice Marlene Carter had imposed on that date has been reinstated.

However, it is unclear how matters would proceed, as opposition candidates have complained that the old boundaries electoral list has irregularities and were not produced according to the electoral law. An order by the Court of Appeal had directed the supervisor of elections to prepare two final voters list, one based on the old boundaries, as of the end of December 2014 and another based on the boundaries proclamation made on 16th January 2015.

This was ordered to facilitate the possible reversal of the Court of Appeal decision to discharge the injunction against the new boundaries. It means now that the elections must proceed using the old boundaries and the appropriate voters list. also understands that the old boundaries list sent to candidates do not include persons who would have registered in 2014, and this is an issue of great concern said Team Unity candidates at a press conference on Wednesday.

It is understood that opposition candidates are attempting to dialogue with the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Office to arrive at a solution soon.

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