Problems Again Between St. Pauls FC & Football Association

Senior officials of the club have confirmed that they have dispatched a letter to the SKNFA General Secretary, Mr. Stanley Jacobs, protesting the criteria used to determine the finalists in the 2011-2012 Digicel Premier Division Championship.

The club contends that the SKNFA was in violation of its own rules issued on October 14th 2011 and ratified on October 15th 2011. The applicable rule follows:

“The top four (4) teams at the end of the three (3) rounds will then enter into a group of four (4) called the Final Four. Each team will carry the number of points earned from head to head match-ups with the other Final Four Teams from the matches in the regular season.”

St. Pauls contends that the points standing going into the Final Four earned from head to head match-ups from the matches played in the regular season, were as stated below:

          Conaree FC                       15 points

          St Pauls FC                       15 points

          Garden Hotspurs FC            11 point

          Newtown FC                      8 points

The points standing at the end of the Final Four earned from matches played only in the Final Four is listed below:

          Conaree FC                       7 points

          Newtown FC                      5 points

          St Pauls FC                       3 points

          Garden Hotspurs FC            1 point

The sum of the points in the Final Four and head to head match-ups is listed below:

          Conaree FC                       22 points

          St Paul’s FC                       18 points

          Newtown FC                      13 points

          Garden Hotspurs FC            12 point


Based on this simple analysis, said the club official, it is obvious that The St Paul’s and Conaree teams amassed the requisite number of points to advance to the Finals. However, the Finals were contested between the Newtown and Conaree teams.

St Pauls FC said it has requested the SKNFA executive committee to deal with the matter expeditiously in order to restore the legitimacy of the Premier Division Championship and the credibility of the SKNFA

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