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Problems in Society can be Avoided

Douglas said, “I am convinced … that a vast majority of society’s, troubling problems could be averted if rules standards and expectations in all areas of human endeavour, were more clearly communicated, and insisted upon, both in our communities and our nation at large.”

He continued, “With 2012 still in its infancy, I urge us all in the interest of enhancing the health mode of our own families and the society at large, to begin a national conversation as to the two or three areas in which the establishment and appearance of clear rules and standards would make the quality of life here in St. Kitts even better for all of us.”

The Prime Minister also said that he wishes for a spirit of respect, support and understanding within the families in the year stretching before us and for a spirit of wisdom vision and tenacity throughout the land. This he said is essential for healthy ordered societies.

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