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Remember when T.I. got picked up in a tour bus filled with two VH1 producers after he left prison? Well… we get to see what he was up to.

VH1 has just released promo pics and deets about his new reality show “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle.”

On the new show, premiering Monday, December 5th at 9PM, fans will get a very in-depth look into the life of rapper T.I. as a father, husband, musician and businessman.

“Tameka and I have a strong, loving family,” said T.I. “In this family documentary, you will see the challenges of raising children while balancing a career. It’s like a lot of families, only our home is in the spotlight.”

Taped shortly after his release from prison, the show follows T.I. as he reunites with Tiny and and their children while putting his life back together.

Other highlights from the show:

*Fans will get to know T.I.’s children and see their reactions as they realize their father is a member of Hip Hop royalty.

*T.I. teaches his eldest son, Domani, the secrets to putting on a great concert performance .

*Tiny reveals how she kept the family together while T.I. was away.

*We meet the OMG GIRLZ, a new up-and-coming pop group that Tiny manages.

Will you be watching?

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