Proposal to end Antigua’s water and power woes

He proposes to use a unique mix of renewable technology.

Francis wants a water purchase agreement for 100 million gallons per year for the next 20 to 30 years.

He aims to also discuss a similar deal for electricity and initially provide 5 megawatts with a system costing around US $25 million.

“What our investors are basically looking for is just to have a guarantee for the amount. They will be the ones who will be setting up the structure and financing it, and at the end it will not be a cost to the Antiguan government,” Francis said.

“The investors that are behind me, as well as the manufacturing partners, have implemented this technology elsewhere and they do have a lot of information and facts that they can represent,” Francis said.

Francis admits the company he formed, Free World Trade, has no track record in the industry, but he said his backers do.


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