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PS Skerritt Lauds Efforts of Medical Team to Save Lives

Officials have been pointing out that the burden on the emergency services, for instance, at the main Joseph N France General Hospital, in Basseterre, has been stretching both the financial and human resources.

The Newly designated Permanent Secretary for the Ministry, Mr. Andrew Skerritt, has however described the work of the EMS staff, as remarkable as their efforts have helped to save many lives, since the department was established in 1999.

While pointing out the serious financial and human resource implications for the service, Mr. Skerritt gave the assurance that the Ministry of Health and by extension the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis “recognize the importance of this level of service and will continue to provide the necessary resources to ensure its sustainability over the long term.”

“In 2006, there were 1,610 (911 emergency calls); 1,561 calls in 2007; 1,878 calls in 2008; 1,967 calls in 2009 and 1,864 calls in 2010 (911 Emergency Calls),” said Skerritt.

A release from the government indicated that “The 12-year old Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has seen a path filled with aspiration, pride and determination to succeed and where the challenges of the injured and critically ill were met by dedicated, competent emergency health professionals who saved lives.”

According to Skerritt, the Ministry will soon celebrate twelve years of Pre-Hospital Care and there are many reasons to be enthusiastic about the future of the EMS Department. “Our plan of course is to continue to grow; forging partnerships along the way in order to provide the necessary training and equipment needed to continuously improve the Emergency Services,” he said.



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