Public Encouraged to Attend Cricket Matches at Warner Park

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, 6th July, 2012, Events Coordinator Mr. Val Henry indicated that ticket sales are picking up as well as ticket collection by senior citizens and children who are taking advantage of the WICB’s initiative to allow senior citizens and children, to attend the games free of charge.
He also urged the individuals who fit into that category, to get their tickets early, as only a specific quota been allocated for them.
Henry encouraged members of the general public to purchase their tickets which he said are very cheap, ranging from EC$10 for the Grounds and EC$30 for the seated stands.
Mention was also made of the schools programme which will provide tickets to hundreds of school children in St. Kitts and Nevis is being coordinated by the Department of Sports and the Ministry of Education.
Henry also revealed that Warren Bradshaw of the B.C.A will be organising the party stand, and tickets for there have been set at $80 for each match day, and will be all inclusive with lunch, snack, limited drinks and other benefits. A pool, a live band and a hi fi system will also be part of the Party Stand experience.
The general public, said Henry, has no excuse to avoid attending the games, especially on Wednesday, which has been declared a public holiday. In addition said the coordinator, the tickets are cheap and plenty of entertainment will be available to add to the cricket.
Deputy Chairman of the cricket interim committee Stanley Franks stated that international cricket games are important to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis as they play a critical role in the federation’s economy.
He added that though they have hosted matches in the past, they have never had the opportunity to host 3 ODI matches in one week and he said that it is a rare opportunity that the general public should all cherish.
Franks also stated that they look forward to the support of the general public who can expect well organised games full of exciting performances.
He further pleaded to the general public to go out to support the games as competition to host such matches has become very challenging, with so many international venues now in the
He added that with such competition and St. Kitts was still chosen to host 3 games, this has to be something important and special, and he called on the people to make the hosting of the games most worthy.
Digicel’s country Manager Sean Latty stated that fans can look forward for a number of promotional activities that will begin on Friday 6th June where people can win tickets for Digicel’s corporate box at the games.
He also stated that during the actual games fans can expect Digicel’s usual lunchtime activities.
Latty added that Digicel is very happy to be sponsors of West Indies cricket as well as a number of local initiatives such as the Keith Arthurton Cricket Academy.
The teams will arrive on 8th June and will begin their preparations at the Len Harris Cricket Academy on Monday.
The Matches will be played on Wednesday 11th, Saturday 14th and Monday 16th July starting at 9:30 each day.

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