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Public Holiday in Nevis with Victory Motorcade


He also declared that the day has been made a public holiday in honour of his party’s victory at the polls.


He also gave thanks to God for taking his supporters safely through what he described as a difficult 18 month period since the last election in 2011. He said it was a difficulty path and he is very grateful for the victory bestowed on his party, which was last in office in 2006, when it ran the island for approximately 15 years, from 1995.


He said he was equally appreciative of the prayers and the work of the supporters here and overseas, intimating that this is what gave them the strength and encouragement to carry on.


The incoming premier said it is a great feeling to know that people of all walks of life stuck with the CCM and placed their trust in the party.


Shortly after the results came in , Amory said he spoke with the Deputy Governor General His Honour Mr. Eustace John, and it was through him he sought endorsement for the declaration of the public holiday. “All the people of Nevis would know that the count was only completed officially less than an hour ago (6:50am) and I have successfully spoken with His Honour and ask him to declare today, the 23rd January, a public holiday in Nevis.”


Amory indicated that it is recognized that it has been a tough campaign and the people are deserving of the time off.


Just before praising his colleagues in the CCM for their victories and overall efforts, Amory also extended congratulations to the opposition Nevis Reformation Party, NRP, telling them “better luck next time”.


“For my own team I want to congratulate the Hon. Mark Brantley, the Deputy leader of our great party, the Hon. Alexis Jeffers who retained his seat in St. James very handsomely…congratulations to them both and to the other two members of our team, Mr. Spencer Brand who was a first comer…who did very, very well and Mr. Keith Scarborough who put his heart into his effort.”


The good thing said Amory is that his party ran a shoe string budget campaign with no large billboards, no flags and other paraphernalia. He said it was their message that did the trick for them because once you have a message for the electorate and you can give them hope, they will respond and the people have responded wonderfully and today they are here celebrating what they believe is the beginning of a brand new beginning for the people of Nevis and St. Kitts as well.


Though it is likely that Mr. Amory will be sworn in sometime today, he said the major inauguration would probably take place later in the week as the logistics are worked.


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