Public servants to get salary increase this month

In a statement issued from the Office of the Prime Minister, public sector employees would see their salaries increase when they receive their next pay cheque in January.

According to the release, the increase adds three percent to wages and salaries, in keeping with 2013 anouncement by the prime minister and minister of finance, Dr. Denzil Douglas, to increased public servant salaries by 10 percent over a three-year period.

The increase is a slightly smaller amount than what those workers would have received in 2014, which was four percent, however, in January of 2016, all government employees would get a final three percent increase to close the ten percent increase promised to public servants.

Auxiliary government workers were also able to receive an increase on their wages, a ten percent hike over three years. Their final payout would be in January 2016. 

Last June, Prime Minister Douglas announced an increase in Social Security pensions that came into effect July 1, 2014. An increase in the country’s minimum wage, from $320 to $360 per week, was implemented also in 2014.


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