Public Service Announcement RE: COVID-19 Protocols on Election Day

The Federal Ministry of Health and the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) wish to remind the General Public that it is a compulsory requirement that a face mask be worn when persons are out in public. This is particularly important on Election Day, Friday, June 5, 2020 as members of the public go out to exercise their franchise for the candidates of their choice. Additionally, it is important that the usual protocols regarding social distancing be observed, that is to say, for persons to be at least six (6) feet apart as they line up to vote.

The general public is also advised that should a person be found in line without a face mask, one will be provided for that individual. An electoral official or police officer will be responsible for this assignment. However, the person must first have his or her hands sanitized before receiving and putting on the mask. Once inside the polling division, the normal hand hygiene protocols will again be put in place – as instructed by an electoral official.

Both the Federal Ministry of Health and the NEOC thank the general public in advance for their full cooperation with these important public health measures.

4th June, 2020

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