Public Works Service Station to be Privately Controlled

Dr. Douglas said, “By January 2012 Government will not operate the service station that provides fuel to Government vehicles.  All of the equipment that is situated in the Public Works compound is the property of SOL.” 

Prime Minister Douglas added, “We have therefore decided to allow SOL to manage the facility.  This will save Government the cost of operating such a facility.  It will provide convenience for Government and avoid congestion at the other service stations especially as it relates to large vehicles like the fire trucks and ambulances.  A proper system of controls will also be put in place including the use of purchase orders, a list of vehicles that are authorized to obtain fuel and monthly reconciliations.” 

Douglas continued, “Mr. Speaker, with respect to the Supply Office, we now have a proposal for the divestment of the Supply Office and this will be done by the end of the first quarter of 2012.  More information will be forthcoming shortly. However, in the meantime, interested entities in the private sector should begin to ready themselves to import the items that are currently provided by the Supply Office.”

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