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Puerto Rico governor calls on senator to resign over nude photos

The pictures, which allegedly show New Progressive Party (PNP by its Spanish acronym) Arango, originated from the website of a smartphone app called Grindr, which allows users to locate and communicate with other gay and bisexual users.Fortuño expressed his views on the matter to the press on Thursday, stating that if the person in the pictures was an elected official, he must step down from his post and give some explanations.

Although Arango has not admitted that the photos are his, he said that he has had many pictures taken and he doesn’t remember these particular ones. He has admitted that, during a recent effort to lose weight, he had taken pictures of his progress. He has assured the press that he will not resign his post.

The president of Puerto Rico’s senate and prominent member of the New Progressive Party, Thomas Rivera Schatz, said he will not launch a formal investigation over the pictures, and described the whole event as pure gossip.

Senate Ethics Committee president, Carlos Javier Torres, said the photos were “shameful and repugnant,” and refused to comment on how it would be his job to oversee the case if the pictures really are of a member of the senate.

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