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Queen Orngel plans to make St. Kitts proud

“I am feeling very confident, and I intend to perform even better at Miss Jaycees,” Queen Orngel said.

She stated that this pageant is slightly different from the recently concluded Miss Carival in St. Vincent. This one, Orngel said, has more competitors and only five of the eleven participating contestants will make it to the interview segment where the winner is determined.

However, this in no way presents an obstacle for her, as she is looking forward to the interview segment.

Erskine indicated that she is eager for this particular segment, as she will be able to educate the people of the Caribbean about cancer – especially cervical cancer – what causes it and how it can be prevented.

“Too many of our young people are dying from this disease, and it’s time that we take a step to improve our health,” the Carnival Queen stated.

Queen Orngel encourages all to make lifestyle changes, follow through with doctor visits and make better dietary choices.

She reflected on the lessons she has learnt from participating in regional pageants and stressed on the importance of time management and effective communication. Erskine indicated that entering pageants is not only about representing one’s self but representing one’s country as well.

She further stated that entering these shows has stimulated growth in her both on a personal and professional level.

Orngel is set to represent St. Kitts at the upcoming Miss Jaycees International Queen Pageant slated for 24th July, 2016, in Antigua.

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