Randy Jackson Claims Tina Turner Shot Him over an Affair

According to Randy’s allegations, he walked into his girlfriend’s home and caught her and Tina ‘doing something’.

Tina was upset when Randy showed up so she pulled out a gun and shot him!

Randy ‘tweeted’ these messages yesterday:

Yes, Tina Turner shot me. I have the scar to prove it.

Having said that, there was no violence on my part, nor have I ever owned or carried a weapon.

I went to Tina’s house to see my girlfriend. I guess I caught them off guard. Hmmm….next question.

It was in the Eighties. And I don’t hold a grudge against Tina, she’s a great artist an asset to our industry.

According to reports, Tina’s old assistant once wrote about the incident in a book, saying “Tina fired a shot through the ceiling and one through the doorway before Randy leapt through a window…”

Reports also stated that attempts to reach a representative for Turner were unsuccessful.





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