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Ready to Rumble Says a Happy Daniel

But just after 8:30 on Friday morning, NRP’s Joseph Parry and Hensley Daniel were delivered the political present they wanted when Benjamin threw out the injunction brought against them by the opposition Concerned Citizens Movement, CCM.

As Daniel left the court following the ruling, he greeted his supporters on the outside, exchanging “high fives” and exclaiming, “Ready to rumble, ready to rumble!”

Daniel’s colleague, and leader of the NRP, Joseph Parry stated that Mr. Daniel is a man with heart who cares for the people.

While CCM’s Vance Amory has shrugged off suggestions that the defeat in court Friday would dampen their spirits, NRP supporters are already using the victory as new energy to complete the final stretch of their campaign which ends next Monday 21st January, ahead of the poll the next day.

Already hundreds of supporters from both parties, but mainly the NRP, have been arriving on island, on charter and regular flight services, said to have been sponsored by unknown or undisclosed benefactors.

CCM’s Deputy Leader, Mark Brantley late Friday was complaining about certain irregularities that he claimed occurred with American Airlines. He claimed that the airline blocked seats on a flight to St. Kitts, denying countless CCM supporters the opportunity from securing bookings, while supporters of the NRP, were able to secure bookings. An upset Brantley cautioned the airline about interfering in the internal affairs and politics of the island, charging that his party’s supporters were not able to gain access to flight information, until it was too late.

A spokesman for American Airlines however, rejected Brantley’s accusations, indicating that the flight was available via their online booking on the AA website. This however, said Brantley was only after he had dispatched a protest email letter to the airline, pointing out what had been happening.

Party supporters will continue to arrive over the next couple days, as hundreds more are anticipated from the United States, England, US & British Virgin islands, St. Maarten and Anguilla.

Election Day in Nevis is Tuesday 22nd January. Both parties will be fielding 5 candidates for the available constituencies. From all reports it is expected to be a very close fight but both have issued bold predictions that they will emerge as winners.


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